Friday, February 29, 2008

Pupil Free Day

The kids are home from school today - the teachers are doing some maths thingy ... we've been out all morning using the vouchers I've been hording for 12 months that run out today ... we got two for one at the video store (at the moment they're watching Surfs Up)... cheap entry into the Aquatic Centre ... and then free Happy meals at Maccas ... Regan wanted to go swimming to prove to me she could swim 50 mtrs and therefore go in the swimming carnival... I had previously told her I didn't think she could do the distance.... I am very proud to say that she has proved me wrong today and can easily swim it even though shes never tried it before... so very very proud. Bring on next years carnival.

Here's the first page i've completed in my new 'space' It's all the girls (grown up) on Shane's side of the family.

And last ... a very plain card done this week for copycatcards - useing inks.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Feb - Aussie Scrapjacked

I'm quite enjoying challanges at the moment ... I think i'm just being lazy ... it's nice to be told what to do when the mojo isn't exactly flowing's mine for this months Aussie scrapjacked.

All is well here at the end of another school week .... finally, it has stopped raining and we have been blessed with a beautiful warm day ... I can hear about 5 different mowers going at the moment and am just about to jump on ours ... hopefully I can get this jungle under control before it rains again.

I had a arvo tea with the teachers and other mums from Aarons Early Intervention group today, it was good to speak to the other mums in my position and realise that they are just as unsure as me as to how their kids are "really" going. Ros gave us some great handouts however about just the right questions to ask, overall a very informative time. Went to pick the kids up to find Aaron in tears - sobs - because someone else had taken home his Spot the dog drawing. He gets so attached to his things...

Blue, Brown and Buttons

Tried to do something boyish for this weeks copycatcards challenge. Hope you like it.

Monday, February 18, 2008

My new scraproom

From this...

To this!!!!!!

We are finally able to lock up the garage (Shane's just got to get the eaves on)... so we spent the weekend getting my new scrap space up and running ... so excited ... it will be a while until it is lined but i have big plans which include lots of shelving under the bench tops, good lighting and special places for each of the kids to do their homework ...

Friday, February 15, 2008


Here's my entry for this weeks copycatcards challenge - monochromatic + 1...

Yeah for the weekend ... hopefully we can get out and test run the boogie board Aaron got for his birthday ... summer seems to be disapearing very quickly ... till next time ...bye

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to You

It was Aaron’s birthday on Sun … just the family this year … we said he could have a party next year when he gets to know a few more of his school mates… he decided on a ‘scary’ cake … happy 6th buddy.

I too have fallen in love with the new ‘two scoops’ range … the layout is Regan and her best mate Layla … and the card is for a very special friend of mine who told me last week that she has Leukemia … I want to say so much to her and am just trying to find the right words before I post it off.
‘till next time …

Monday, February 4, 2008

Back to Scrapping

Yeah I know there hasn't been a lot of it going on here at the moment... I sit down to do some and then this one calls, and that one wants me, and suddenly it's time to get dinner ready.... Now being an official lady of leisure I should be able to get heaps more done, we'll see !! Anyway enough wingeing I have managed to scrap these two...

This one reads: I've never seen a kid take to school so easily. All that worry, all that concern , all those tears (on my part) and in the end, one happy little boy and one perfect 1st day. I am so very proud of you.

All is well here in Taree... the rain has finally stopped, but for how long is any ones guess... Aaron is still enjoying going to school but hates having to brush his teeth at the same time every every day ... it's his first news day today and he has taken in his very favourite Pirate flag... Regan is also going well and is signing up for netball again today... Thanks for stopping by.