Saturday, March 29, 2008

Working girl

I know it's not exactly up my alley, but I've got a job at a take away in the industrial area and, so far so good, I haven't managed to deep fry any part of my body or clothing. It's been great fun and the girls there are my age and very easy to get along with...If I play my cards right I might be able to spend my days travelling around in one of these....

Impressed??? I will however have to change my style a bit ... it seems I will need more cargo pants, push up bras and low cut singlets ... im not sure the world is ready for that...

It also happens that I was offered my first day as a paid Teachers Aide for special needs kids which I will be doing on monday..... Life is looking good and so is that pool we keep promising the kids.

This of course is my card for this weeks challange ... It's hip to be square..... and I have a layout to share as well ... Could it be any brighter you ask? The gear is from this months challenge over at Scrapsidaisy ... definately not my normal colour scheme but I loved playing with such pretty colours.

All is well so until next time.....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

One tough week

Regan has had a really tough week this week. Last week she stood up to one of the girls in her group that had been deciding what they would all do during their lunch break, when she went to play else where two of her friends joined her. So, this week it was decided by the same girl that if you wanted to be her friend and play with her you couldn't talk to Regan. Unfortunately they all followed suit and even her best friend, who I expected much more from, ignored her for the whole day and then on to netball training. She was devastated, there was nothing Shane or I could do to calm her down and eventually she cried herself to sleep. Have I mentioned that these girls are only 7 ... I couldn't believe they could be so cruel, after much discussion I decided to tell Regan's teacher the next morning who, I am very happy to say spoke to the girl in question straight away and made it clear that this does not happen in our school, and on Wed everything seemed better, as though nothing had happened. They are only 7 so I guess I couldn't expect too much from them but these girls have all been friends for three years now and not one of them was willing to go against the group. It scares me immensely for the years to come ... And to top it all off I found these under Regan's pillow the next morning

they are Guatemala worry dolls ... you tell them your worries before going to bed then put them under your pillow to take your problems away during the night ... Regan has had them for a while but hasn't used them at all this year. I broke down in tears thinking about how sad and worried she must of been that night .. how on earth am I going to survive the teenage years. 10 points to Regan though, she wanted to go to school on the Wednesday and wasn't scared, all in all she handled the whole episode much better that I did.

And on to more happier things ... this card is for you Grandma and Grandpop but Aaron doesn't want to send it to you (no he doesn't know you have sent him one yet). He got me to write inside it for you, it says - To Grandma and Grandpop When we go to bed the big giant bunny will come and bring chocolate eggs. Little one and big ones and chickens. Love Aaron.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ran away

Aaron ran away from home this morning ... hopefully none of the neighbours saw me chasing after him in my PJs .... aparently he is very very angry with Regan because she wants to move her bears into the loungeroom of the dolls house and of course they have to live in the bedroom ... he is paying no attention to the fact that his bedroom (the same size as the loungeroom) is twice as big as the room he wants Regan to play in .... this happened at 9 this morning, it is now 11:30 and it still isn't resolved.

I'm taking a leaf out of a few other bloggers books and doing a month in review page this year ... not only have I done a 12 x 12 LO but it's a double ... so much space! ... so here's Jan, Feb isn't far away.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Layer it!

Here is my entry for copycatcards challenge for this week.

And this of course is my beautiful boy on his sixth birthday - how did that happen ... I got a bit carried away with colour here but am loving the brown circle(y) paper...

General Stuff

All is going well here ... it's Shanes birthday on tue so we are off to dinner sun night ... the kids are great ... Regan lost another tooth yesterday and then actually lost the tooth in the backyard - those of you who know her will now how devistated she was ... Aaron managed to get his arm stuck in the benches at school last week - it took three teachers and a bottle of oil from the canteen to get him out - he took it all in his stride .... and could even see the funny side of it ... and as for me I'm enjoying being at home and am keeping very busy doing, well, just stuff.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Love Purple

Isn't this just so cute, It's my new wallet, I just couldn't resist.

Now on to scrapbooking ... I seem to spend most of my time thinking about, looking at, checking others, reading about and researching techniques that I tend not to actually scrapbook anything myself .. so ... I made this cute little board to put up in my space and list all those pages I need to sit down and do ... hopefully I can cross two off a week ... heres trying.

... and this is Regan doing her promise for Girl Guides .. I used the latest pack from scrapsidaisy for this ... very dark colours and lots and lots of stuff ... great value but too much choice.... I must of redone it 4 times before I got to this.