Friday, April 25, 2008

Anzac Day

We all got dressed up today for the Anzac march however because of the rain it has been cancelled andthey were holding the memorial in an underground carpark. Very damp, very stuffy and the kids just didn't cope so we're home again already. I had been telling them on the way in the car that it was 'Anzac Day' and rain, hail or shine they would always march... I was very dissapointed as were the kids ... it was only sprinkling and I really believe it should of gone ahead.
Regan has a girlfriend over for the day, hopefully they can entertain themselves inside because it is still so awfuliy wet and soggy outside.

Have I mentioned the rain! it doesn't seem to have stopped all year, I am so over it ... the kids have cabin fever, the dog is bored and has reverted to taking our sneakers for a walk up the yard, and the chooks can't get to anywhere dry to peck and carry on so have turned on each other ... balding chooks are not pretty!

And yes, I have finished my March in review using some of the goodies I got from Pip Prosser in her double up pack I ordered this month.

We're off to Royal Far West on sunday for the week ... Shane and Regan are coming this time so we're planning on turning it into a bit of a family holiday...Will catch up on our return .... until then ....

Monday, April 21, 2008

With a window

Falling further and further behind.. This is last weeks copycat card - 'with a window' ...

I have been busy at work this week .... first time I haven't been home with the kids for the holidays ... it's made me very sad but I don't think the kids have minded ... thank god for Nans ... this week shes only got two as opposed to 5 last week ... lots of flowers and chockies going her way.

Did get a chance to take them bowling on thursday - such style and grace...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Feb Review

It's only 3 months in and already i'm falling behind ... February took a while but March is already on the table.

Both the kids got an award at this weeks assembly (the first one I've managed to get to this year ... and with a camera and all!!!) Aaron was very excited and was jumping up an down when all the kids were lined up ... his was for 'always trying his best and being a happy smiley person.' Regan's was for 'beautiful handwriting, excellent work habits and always listening carefully to instructions given.'

Regan has started her next Girl Guides badge on Pets. She has decided that Todd will be the easiest of our pets to look after for three months....i think it was the cleaning out of the chook pen or Guniea Pig hut that turned her off the others ... so it started with a wash however she wasn't overly keen on touching any part of him that was likely to be dirty... Todds got a rough few months ahead of him....

Off to work this week ... first time ever that I won't be spending the school holidays with the kids... I finish at 2 so here's to lots of fun activities in the afternoon..

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Modern Technology

This is what I found last night in my bed ... Regan watching our newly aquired bedroom telly, Aaron still immersed in his Star Wars marathon and Shane texting his brother ... the "joys?" of technology....

And without meaning to be on the same theme I also finished a LO of Regan on the phone this week.... the photos were taken in Jan .... oh how she loves to ring her friends for a chat... I don't know if you can tell but I love all the expressions ... there are so many important things to discuss as a 7 yr old.

This weeks challange for copycat cards was 'a stamp and a punch'... I've lent out all my punches to a friend so I hope corner rounders count.... sorry.

As for the family this week .... I really enjoyed my day as Teachers Aide and have been offered another day with more to come ..... I also am enjoying my time at the Takeaway ... I had a slight meltdown on thursday but I think it's just going to take a while to get used to.... this old girl hasn't officially worked for very close to eight years and it is a bit of a culture shock.... We had a meeting about Aaron's individual programme at school and all is going really well ... he is coping great and all the teachers, aides and hangers oners seem to be on the same page ... Shane has been working his butt off doing some huge days (made me feel pretty cruddy about complaining about my day) ... and last but not least Regan is fine, she got her first badge at Girl Guides last week and is very proud of herself.... her best friend and her are on and off - but I have officially given up - I will never understand.

Till next time...