Monday, June 30, 2008

Can't be told

This is my brother - right way up. On sunday he was meant to fly out on a one month holiday of a life time to all sorts of places including Japan, England, Asterdam, Bahrain and more, however..... boys will be boys and he decided that he could race the day of his midnight flight.... No prizes for guessing what happened.... He came off and managed to graze his little finger all the way down to nothing.... I can feel you squirming from here... apparently its not needed and after surgery it seems he will be able to fly out in a few days....makes my finger tip slicing look like a paper cut.

The kids had a good weekend, the weather was good and they could finally get out and play, Regan used the ride on all by herself (if she leans over far enough she has good control on forwards and reverse, neither her or Shane seemed to mind that the brake is way over the other side of the machine).... scored the only goal in a very tight 4 - 1 defeat at netball, and as the pictures above show, has been practicing her circus tricks ... Aaron didn't apreciate that she was using his shovel and promptly confiscated it ... brothers ?!? ...

all was forgiven in the end.

Regan finally finished off all her invites, she picked out the colours, designed and made them all by herself.... one happy little camper.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another week gone by

Its been a busy week doing busy things ... my finger is feeling much better .... I went to a fundraising trivia night for school - not a bright as I would like to think - Shane has had a night away for work and is now on a bike ride.... Aaron has had heaps of homework from his OT and has been invited to another party ..... and Regan is very excited about her party next month.... Must admit I'm a bit excited myself, of course it will be at Scrapsidaisy and Leisa is planning one of her fun affairs. I did manage to purchase these

from here yesterday to use as party favours. Not sure what I will fill them with yet but the possibilities are endless.

Just some random photos: here is Aaron all dressed up with no where to go - Regan told him she would play dressups and then resended - not happy Jan.

No scrapping this week ... seemed to have plenty of spare time but wasted it doing nothing ... hopefully I will have something soon to share.

Till then......

Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, those who know me knew that it was only a matter of time.... Yes, I managed to cut the tip of my pointer finger off in the meat slicer at work on Wednesday. I didn't actually know that I had done it until I saw the blood but by golly it hurt for the next few days... I was going to post a photo but urghhhh it's not really all that pretty. (thanks again to Barb for staying with me at the hospital while they patched me up.)

On to much nicer things ... here's that photo of Aaron showing off his first lost tooth...

He's got a thing for cherios at the moment ... and yes he did eat the whole bowl, then drunk his and Regans milk.

I've posted a few photos of good ole Toddy Dog lately ... now he is officially old and arthritic (down his spine) we've gone out and bought a jacket for him ... not only does it make him look very daper but he is definantly enjoying the added warmth on these cold days.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rain, rain go away

Yes that's right, it has rained all weekend and I'm not holding out much hope for a sunny monday ... you should see how out of control my laundry has got ... We were going to go to Armidale this weekend but decided to stay at home and get a few things done ... so much for that. Actually i suppose I tell a little lie, Shane is, at this moment up on the roof of his shed with a hose and broom cleaning off the mould, can't see the point myself but eh it keeps him happy ...
On fri night I went on a girls night (with the girls from work) to one of the local pubs ... I had a really good time but know why I don't bother very often ... feeling a little too old ... Sat was more my style, took the kids to see Narnia, not as impressive as #1 but still very good.... and as for today, well I have managed to clean all the windows and sills in the house ... hated doing it but I must admit I feel pretty good now that it's done.
( - I just read back that last paragraph to myself - oh my god, I sound sooo boring...)
Aaron lost his first tooth on Thur, he left it at school so the fairy didn't come till Fri night, I don't know if all boys are the same but he definantly wasn't as interested in the whole fairy thing as Regan ....I haven't taken any photos yet as the weather has been so crappy but will post one later.
Some things I have got to share ....

A wedding card for Carlina at work who gets married this week....

And April in review.. - still using the papers and ideas from Pip Prosser's take away packs.

Till later ..