Sunday, September 14, 2008

The 6 million dollar dog

Poor old Todd was back off to the Vet this week when I found a yucky lump in his groin....We rescued Todd when he was one year old and since then he has been the best, most intelligent, loyal dog you could ever ask for but for a freeby by golly he has cost us some money.....his major vet bills have come from: being stabbed in the chest with the stick he was chasing, being attacked by another dog while minding his own business on a walk, swallowing a piece of plastic toy which caused major internal problems (that one was around $10000, stabbing himself in the eye with the spikes of a black boy,knocking a old age spot on his face so he needed to wear a bucket for 2 weeks, hurting his back as I have discussed earlier on this blog ....... and now the poor guy has cancer.......we are taking him in wed week to get the lumps removed and some other things burnt off ...... fingers crossed he will be OK..

on to scrapping.... I made both of these during the week ... the giraffe one was for Barbs birthday.....I have also packed lots of goodies to take to Sydney today, hopefully I will get time to be inspired.....catch up on my return.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tomorrow finally came

I know it's been a long time.... For weeks now I have been saying i will blog tomorrow.... well tomorrow is finally here!!..
We are all well now, although we were hit down by that terrible bug that was going around. The kids and I had a week off work and school but poor Shane had to battle through it .... we finished off the week by sleeping all weekend, it was so weird to have all 4 of us down and out together..

Last weekend was the netball gala day.... Regan had to play five games all up ... they won 4 and tied with the other team from CJ's ... they were all very proud... I liked this action shot, not quite three feet but never mind..

I can't wait to have my saturday mornings back ... but of course you never get anything for nothing ... my monday arvos will now be taken up by touch football ... not overly looking forward to Aaron starting sports next year.

Talking of Aaron, he has been going to intensive OT , twice a week for 5 weeks ... not only does he love it but it has been great for him... his planning, balance and confidence have all skyrocketed...

As for the creative side ... I haven't been anywhere near as productive as I wanted to... finally finished Regans 'R' that I have been promising since Nan made her new quilt around a year ago!!

This is Aaron's 'A' that I did ages ago - quick tip if you want to try a letter in pencils - don't be a tight arse and get the cheapies like I did... they don't sharpen well and trust me when you are doing this many pencils there is nothing more frustrating than broken tips...

and of course Aaron has been artistic too - loving his three headed troll....

And "yeah" for copycat cards... they're back and the first challenge is black / white / and orange and this is what I came up with ... a fathers day card of course being that time of year and a birthday card for my mother in law who had her birthday on Fri..

now if only i could remember how to get them on the blog.

Well that's all for now, the kids and I are going back down to Royal Far West tomorrow week - I think they will be very impressed with how far Aaron has come... anyway I will be back before I leave..