Sunday, September 25, 2011

R.I.P Toddy Dog 1997 - 2011

The flag was at half mast at the Yea household over the weekend as we remembered our fallen comrade.

Toddy has been Shane and my companion since he was 1 - years before we were married or had kids. We loved him dearly but unfortunately it was time and we had to put him down on Fri arvo. Shane bought him home and we buried him under his fav tree (below).

We have all loved his company over the last 13 years .....he was quite the disruptive pup which provoked us to getting Bark Busters in, after which he was the most beautiful, loving and wonderfully natured companion. We have called him the million dollar dog for a long time now because for a RSPCA rescue dog he has sure cost us some serious money at the vets.... He has been:

attacked by other dogs,
run over,
operated on for foreign objects in his intestines,
stuck in the eye by a black boy spike,
treated for snake bites and ticks,
medicated after putting his back out by hitting a shed,
operated on to remove cancerous lumps,
and well medicated to help with his arthritis,
but finally it was old age and a disease called geriatric vestibular ( affecting his balance and coordination) that got the better of him.

(when going through the photos i found some of him each year for three years wearing one of these buckets - it got to the point I could tell that he was actually embarrassed by them)

He had recovered mostly from the vestibular but he wasn't like he should be, often falling and tripping on his own feet, he was still happy but just going through the motions - he got up, went to his favourite blackboy and slept there until it was time for dinner ..... he wanted to run and play with Koda but couldn't quite be bothered and was still happy to see us when we came home, enough to wag his tail but not enough to bother getting up.

You were a truly fantastic dog, pet, friend, and companion
We love you buddy.....

Monday, September 19, 2011

My last post including netball - i promise...

So we have our weekends back...... oh what to do???
The kids have had their presentations over the last two weekends. Aaron received a medalian for Hockey and Regans team won the U11 age group..... go girls!!!

finally she's jumping...

and since netball season was over we went and got Regans ears done again (she had them when she was 5 but let them close up)forgetting that she had a gala day in Newcastle the next day with school...oooops.... She had to leave at 5am so I taped them up and hoped for the best.. luckily they let her play and her mixed team ended up winning 7 out of 10 games....

On the way home on Sun we thought we might buy a lamp for Regans bed - forgetting how little space we actually had for the base we picked up one that looked to us like its stem was close to the edge of the base....

After a bit of swearing ... some major modification....

and a bit of squeezing...

here it is..... looks good eh...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I've done it again

Busy, busy, busy.....I've been doing two jobs lately which I thought i could handle no probs but apparently I'm not super mum and other things have gone to the wayside. My second job finished on Tue and I'm feeling sooo relieved.... back to normality..

So again, in short...

There has been more netball - the U11 development team went to Port a couple of Sundays ago and came 2nd in 1st division - well done girls!!!

Aaron performed with his class in drama competition in which they won best play.... He was a limerick knight -for those of you that know aaron and how he speaks (he has dyspraxia) you will understand why it took me two days to work out what he was.

Shane and I popped down to Sydney so he could get some more work done on his tattoo and I spotted this cute thong heart...

The kids sung at the Rememberance Day ceremony

And went to the school disco dressed as Zac Power and Nancy Drew...

Check out Aaron showing the whole school his moves..

I managed to fill the house, not to mention the shed and garage with forms and boxes

The birds have been hanging around in the front must be spring

Talking of birds I took this photo of a Kookaburra - check him out - he's pooping, what are the chances??? Maybe I should send it to national geographic?

Shane 'pruned' the fruit trees.... leaving me two leaves on each tree...

The tickets are starting to accumilate to the end of winter sport functions...Ahhhhh to have out weekends back.

and I managed to do yet another scrap page.... at this rate (1 every 6 weeks) I should work through my photos by about, uh, 2025. This one is the monthly scrap challange over at Scrapsidaisy....I found it a bit hard as there were lots of flowers and i'm not known for florally LO's.

My life seems to be getting back on track and more organised so I should see you again soon.
PS: saying that our new boss starts on Tue?!!?